Like What The World’s Oldest Shoe?


The researchers busy digging in a cave in Armenia a few months ago. And they finally found something. What is it? apparently it was an old shoe, its estimated 5500 years old. Lace-up shoes are made of cow leather, old shoe was found at the bottom of sheep dung, the New York Times.

Tanned with vegetable oil, leather shoes suitable when applied in the right leg is reportedly older than stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt. “Maybe at the time, these shoes have a high price, because it is made of leather, and high quality,” said Gregory Areshian as the project leader of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California. These shoes are thought to have ‘existed‘ in the Bronze Age between 3653-3627 BC. And one shoe were found seems fitting to be worn by women because of its small size, the number 7.

The researchers also noted that when found, the shoe surface overgrown with grass and yellow clay layer, it all makes its shape intact. Could it be that early humans may have inadvertently left it for us? Hemm …

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