Latest super flexible running shoe from Nike


Foot is the essence of the movement. Therefore, comfort is a major factor when choosing shoes. Not unless when choosing athletic shoes, when you wear it should still be able to move freely in safety.

Nike also answer those needs. Recently for the sport shoe label has released 3 new running shoes collection, Nike Free 3.0, Nike Free 4.0 and Nike Free 5.0.

These shoes are designed to support the basic movement of the foot and is also able to support the foot well. This new product is also quite flexible due to the use of material flexible rubber outsole. Besides can be used to run on regular roads, or parks. Available for men and shoes for women and also can be used when walking on the beach.

We had a chance to try to run on a local beach here. Although walking in the sand, the foot still feels light and almost like not using footwear.

“Nike Free inspired from a simple bare legs move freely in any direction. These shoes are made to resemble the function of the bare foot, in order to feel comfortable and light as not wearing shoes,” said the specialist products of Nike, interrupted-event “Nike FREEKIN Media Summer Camp“.

For the third prokuk, at the top of the shoe is designed differently. Yet all three are still made simpler and more functionality for the wearer.

For Nike Free 5.0, the footwear is designed with dynamic flywire technology to provide secure support with no load on the foot, so the foot more closely and comfortable grip.

“Dynamic Flywire additional sections in the field of shoe laces that can grip strong legs’ s. Would not cause injury because of the anatomy of the foot is placed in accordance with the safe,” Arin said.

Semenatara Nike Free 3.0, made with extra nets design on front. Its function is to allow air circulation and breathe more smoothly feet. While Nike Free 4.0 prioritize tongue-wrap coating (tongue wrapping) much more comfortable without stitches.

Another difference lies in its midsole height. For type 3.0, midsole has a height of about 4 mm, 6 types of insoles height 4.0 mm, and 5.0 mm height 8 Sol. Third footwear that has a variety of colors, such as black, blue and orange neon. These shoes are available in stores since March 2013.


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