Knitted new Adidas shoes for Luis Suarez


Liverpool star player, Luis Suarez was given credence by Adidas to wear new shoes they produce. Uniquely, this shoe is decorated with knitted and will be charged Suarez as Liverpool play against Manchester United on 16 March.

With these shoes, Suarez is expected to end his goal drought. As is known, Uruguay national player scored the last time for the game against Everton on January 29. After that, Suarez has never scored again in a few matches.

By Adidas, shoes is produced in limited knitting. The German company is working with several big European club football’s giving price of 220 pounds for those who are interested in these knitted shoes.

Although made with knitted models, Adidas claims that these shoes have exceptional quality. Event, these shoes have a material that can resist water absorption.

It is expected that with the new shoes Suarez able to end the scoring drought. It may even win the big game, Manchester United VS Manchester Citty later. Let’s see what kind of this new knitted shoes from Adidas for Suarez.

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