Jogging become more comfortable with the “Barefoot”


For a long time, the assumption is that good running shoes that have soft padding to reduce injuries when used for running or walking fast. However, assuming that’s not entirely true because of the tendency to use barefoot jogging shoes for jogging or walking, or using a flat shoe is considered better than using a thick shoes.

The results of research conducted by Harvard University in 2010, states that running barefoot with the state, will reduce the injury by running at higher speeds. Therefore, the foot landed on a flat surface with no difference in height as when using a running shoe that uses extra padding in the heel of the foot and the shoe which adds to the burden on the feet.

Along with the results of the study, the trend began to spread the use of barefoot running shoes that are triggered by celebrities. Scarlett Johannson and Kate Hudson are two of them are often seen using this flat shoes while jogging, which is then followed by their fans. Instead, “Footwear News”, an American magazine devoted about all kinds of shoes, has just announced the results of Footwear News’ Readers Choice Poll which crowned that it becomes flat running shoes footwear play with the acquisition of 26 percent, while running sneakers occupy ranked third with the acquisition of 15 percent. That way, the shoe is considered a minimalist design shoes that become a trend in 2012 and is expected to be increasingly popular in the years ahead.

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