How to wear high heel is good and true


No doubt the shoe is one of the most important fashion factors, and one type of shoe that is often associated with women are feminimnya high heels. Now how to use the correct high heels? Let’s refer to the following ..

For most women models high heels must possess. About the model, it’s just a matter of taste. The most common model is a spiky stilettos, Sabrina, block, blade, and others. Want to design an open or closed, sling back, point-toe, round toe, or everything is just a matter of mere choice.

Want to wear to the office and complete a black dress to attend a party at night, the impression will remain the same, is: sexy and charming.

Why is the impression it could arise if women who wear high heels? Because these shoes will make the wearer to stand up straight so it looks more slender, and this position will create a more prominent breasts and buttocks and legs are slender. In addition posture will look slimmer and wearing high heels. So, do not be surprised if the confidence of the wearer also direct the thickening.

But beyond the advantages, there are also risks. Wearing high heels will make your heels to work harder to support body weight. Moreover, the weight will be more inclined to the front. Tingling soreness to come along if you have this heel. It can make you tired cartilage which is a supporting factor osteoarthritis disease.

A fan of high heels is certainly no stranger to the calf also a little sore after wearing it for hours. This is due to prop up the calf muscles of the body is conditioned to more intense.

In addition footstool is also the potential to cause pain. In addition, the model of high heels that tapered ends. This model will cause your toes together and each can cause the toe nail into or who are frequently called a hammertoe. Often found in swelling and thickening of the skin of the thumb on the finger (calluses).

Well, no pain no gain. To reduce the negative effects of high heels doctors advise not to wear it for 12 hours continuously.

That is, given a chance to rest your feet off the high heels for a while. If forced to add better pads on your feet.

One of the best advice if you really want to wear high heels are not to feel pity for the purchase of expensive high heels. Because these shoes are usually better quality and more comfortable when worn. Choose colors, neutral semi-classical model, and actually fit in the leg.

Note also the quality of the tap or heel protector. Because of mediocre quality will take a risk when wearing high heels. Remember, you will not use it for a while so do not be stingy to buy shoes that are very good quality.

Wear your shoes and stand in front of a mirror that can show the overall posture. Stand up from a stop about 30 seconds, then turn the body in all directions. In addition to knowing the silhouette of the body from various directions, this move will also allow you to find the most comfortable foot position.

After that try to walk a few steps to the rhythm that you normally run. Become familiar with walking on the floor and the thin and thick carpet. Keep your body to stay upright.

Legs should be straight and try not to go too wide. Foot step forward and back a few meters. Walk to first slowly and then increase the speed of the foot.

Of course, do not run because the shoe is not designed to be used to run. Become familiar and find the rhythm that is most comfortable for you. This is a very big role in shaping the self-confidence when walking in high heels.

But the exercise is not actually in front of the glass but on the road. If you do decide to wear high heels are the challenges on the road will vary. Walking on the marble floor and the sidewalk would not be the same. Practice continues and starts from the rhythm that is not too fast.

Climb the stairs can be a challenge. Never rush up the stairs while wearing high heels. Always hold onto the handle of the stairs, or if no try to get as close to the wall. Stair tread softly one by one. Move two steps at a more increase the risk of slipping. Just one step at the time.

And if high heels can be worn for clubbing? Of course. Even your appearance can actually grab the attention there. But if it’s not really an expert with high heels, do not try to go down to the dance floor with music fast or jerking. Only the brave John Travolta dancing while wearing high heels (it was not too high) in the film Saturday Night Fever.

So if there is a chance to replace the shoe with a lower right before clubbing, this opportunity should not be wasted. Of course you do not want to go clubbing with friends carried grimacing in pain because of an ankle sprain is not it?

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