How to Appropriately Combine Wedge Shoes


This thick-heeled shoes are very comfortable when worn. In addition to support the body correctly, this type of shoe is also no less cool with a stiletto or the other. You can still stand or walk without feeling fatigued in the legs. No wonder so many women who love this type of shoe.

But to use it, you must be smart to match the right clothes to look more attractive. Here are some rules when using these fashionable shoes.

When wearing a dress

These shoes can be combined with a long dress or short dress though. Select the model of shoe that fits your personality, classic, vintage, or contemporary design with striking colors.

When wearing a skirt

Skirts that make up the body feels more graceful, but do not like it when you combine a wedge shoes. Form shoes that have thick soles must be balanced with a skirt that more volume.

When wearing jeans

Prefer to wear casual jeans are the best reference for a relaxing time, so this wedge shoe. Choose jeans with a shape that narrows at the bottom or skinny to show off these stylish shoes. Jeans that have a wide pipe or flared shape will actually drown this wedge shoe.

In the summer

Shoes or sandals are also called espadrilles can also be used as matching shorts to accompany you in the summer. Choose open-toe shoes,so that your feet will not feel hot or wet with sweat.

In the rainy season

You can stay in style without fear of dirty feet or exposed to rain. Wear shoes with wedge models are not too high. Fit to dress neatly, or casual such as tight pants and tops made from knitting.

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