High heels, make women look more sexy?


Reese Witherspoon has always wear high heels in every scene in his latest movie. The movie is titled “This Means War”. This is done to establish the characters in the movie, which acts as Lauren. And he will always perform with high heels. This was done after he thought that a man would assume a woman would look sexier if she wore high heels.

The actress appeared with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in the Movie. In the process of Movie production, the three men proficiency level should spend as much time to explain to Reese about the things that are considered sexy by men. One is a woman supposed to wear high heels. Reese was trying to bring it in character.

“I have learned many things, such as men do not like flat shoes,” she said with a laugh. “Every time I wear flat shoes they would say ‘That’s not sexy’, but I have about 15 pairs of flat shoes. They said ‘sorry, no effect'”.

“So, I always wear high heels in my scene in the Movie. Even when the scene was wearing only underwear I was wearing high heels! ..”.  Said Reese further.

How do you think? Do women who wear high heels would look sexier?

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