High Heels Can Make Breast Down?


We are always advised to stand up and sit with an upright posture. Poor posture, such as bending, will cause neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, and headache. In addition, the crooked spine would also cause breast down.

Posture tends to lean forward as you may be accustomed to sit leaning ahead to see clearly what is on the computer screen. Or, leaning forward driving habits. This causes the chest muscles become stiff. For breast, because these positions and the influence of gravity, it will fall forever. Pressure on the upper spine increases, and that causes pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

In addition, poor posture when sitting making the muscles in the front of the hips become short and tight. Then, the buttocks muscles (glute) are unable to contraction due to long hours only supports the pelvic bone. The combination of the tense muscles in the front of the hips and weak muscles in the buttocks causing the pelvis to tilt forward. Consequently, the lower abdomen will look out, make fat sticking.


No less disadvantage is the use of high heels. High heels will make your upper body bent posture, according to Rachel Cosgrove, CSCS, author of The Female-Body Breakthrough. The muscles of the ankle would stiffen and if that happens, all the muscles of his legs would tighten the lower back as well. If your lower back feels tight, you usually will try to make it more comfortable by leaning forward. Breast reduction will be more severe.

Do not you underestimate high heels, wear a high heel and correctly. Every now and then would not hurt you to try to use flat shoes. Or, maybe you can come to the training model which is usually taught how to wear right high heel .

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