High heels and flat shoes in a pair of shoes by Tanya Heath


There is a shoe designer who has a unique mission to women. He wanted to prove that women can wear high-heeled shoes without hurting their feet. She is Tanya Heath.

As reported by The Daily News (18/09), the idea of Heath’s mission is quite simple. When foot pain caused by high heels, she hopes to press a special button to make a high heel on the shoe will disappear. High heel shoes will turn into flat shoes and be more comfortable for walking.

“I am a feminine feminist. Shoe I’ve created will not only make a woman sexy. But also comfortable when worn,” said the designer.

When trying to realize his idea, Heath is quite a headache with how to stay balanced and comfortable shoes on both sides time to run. Especially when her high heel in assembling several times a day to find the right design.

After years of research, Heath finally managed to create a multi-high heels with a 3-9 cm heel. His shoes include sandals, dancing shoes, stilettos, and other types, Heath made shoes for sale starting price of USD 320.

To design the kind of shoes that Heath had problems that are expensive designer items to make shoes. But it did not dampen his intention creates fine shoes are coveted by women.

“I am tired aching legs because of high heels and I also refuse to wear shoes with no rights at all,” he said.

What do you think about the idea of Heath? whether it could be a solution for women to not be afraid to have high heels?

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