Find the Perfect Book – How to Do It

Don’t you just hate to spend time reading books that you can’t really get in to. Selecting the next read can be both time consuming and the results are often not as one would have hoped. Reading a book is time consuming and you have to give the novel a change before putting it down. But what if by some sort of magic the next read could be picked out for you with a very high probability that the pick would be a massive hit.

What should I read next?
Your next book is only seconds away. By adding up to five of your favorites, a list of perfect novel can be created at your will. And they can be genre specific as well. This can be used as your personal guide or to pick out great books for book clubs.

How does it work?
By taking millions of book reviews and the users who have written them it is possible to find people who has the same taste in books as yourself. Imagine having 100 people that all agreed that your top five favorite books were awesome. No imagine picking out the books that these 100 people agreed also were awesome books. This would give you a list of books that were handpicked for you.

Book recommendations
You can read books in your favorite genre handpicked by users with the same taste as you. That’s a book recommendation that can be trusted.
With This Book Next all this has become a reality that the book community has been waiting for.

Here are the facts

  • Takes a few seconds to get a list
  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Browse by year, genre, author or explore

Get started
By adding up to five books to your list of favorite books, your job is already done. That is all it takes to get a personalized list of books. You can add and remove books from your favorites as you wish to get new lists. Each choice you make will create a whole new list of recommended books. After your list is ready you can choose to only see books from a specific genre. The possibilities are endless. But you don’t have to spent much time on the website. You can be in a out in minutes with your next read picked out for you. After you are finished with the book you can return and pick out your next read.