Eye-Popping-Fancy, The first work of Kanye West


Rapper Kanye West is known as The “College Dropout” has penetrated the world of fashion, especially shoes. One result of cooperation between the black rapper who is also famous with this bad boy with the famous Italian designer shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti is a shoe sexy for a Type heavy white. Sandals “eye-popping” is made from cowhide and decorated with pearls, so it really looks luxurious.

And West will not miss will also enliven the Paris Fashion Week March 7 later. “It (eye-popping) to complete the collection by Kanye Dw for Paris Fashion Week later,” he said, as reported by Dailynews NY.

In this collaboration, “West” specifically come to the studio famous Italian shoe designer is to learn how to design and create luxury shoes for men and women, and the results were not in vain.

In one of the luxury boutiques in France, Collete, these shoes sell for $ 6,000.

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