Excited Rumors of New Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom


Crowded more about the latest soccer shoes from Nike, this shoe is already in testing by Neymar, seen in the photo above has been discussed in soccerbible in a few months ago. At first I was not so interested because maybe that kind of GS2. But when the GS2 was launched, it was not.

Recently, Nike Soccer Shoes booming again because there are some outstanding photo, where the previous picture circulating on soccerbible just plain white and black as shown in the image below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (1)

See the picture above prototype shoes, my estimate was originally Nike football shoes GS2, but it was not. Yesterday there info if shoes are shoes soccer Hyper Venom. But this is not sure. As the name suggests, then what the original shoes?. What is clear at this time there are loads of pictures circulating on the internet, as some of the photos below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (2)

The first appearance of Nike Soccer Shoes Hyper Venom appears in the image above. do not know what color it is called. And it’s also not clear whether the original or not. Another one, his name is still a mystery.

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (4)

Color Nike Soccer Shoes the second is as shown in the photo above. Once again I’m not sure is true or not, original or not, a series of derivatives or not, all is still not known. Lastly, there is still one more picture, look at the photos below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (7)

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (6)

Still not too sure where the original colors for soccer shoes Nike Hyper Venom. According to some news, Nike will release in March 2013, but a lot of comments about the design of the shoe is not good, but it also depends on the marketing strategy, let’s look together.

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