Evangel, New Platform Shoes From Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson has just released the first shoe line. Instead of a warm welcome, Jessica was accused of imitating the design shoes by Christian Louboutin. At first glance, looks no different from Jessica shoe, named the ‘Evangel‘, with shoes from Christian Louboutin platform entitled ‘Statarata‘. Stiletto heeled shoe is displayed with a choice of colors and the same model.

Only, the color used on a hand strap Jessica brighter and larger. So it is with a buckle or hook-shaped rectangular shoe, Louboutin’s not like an oblong. Christian Louboutin designed a ‘Statarata’ in 2010. However, because in US there are no rules about copyright and clothing accessories, designer shoes can not do anything.

Finally, the ad campaign was so strong by Jessica Simpson. But, as quoted by the Daily Mail, The way it could actually make the shoes from Christian Louboutin to the attention again. In addition comes in colors similar to the ‘Staratata‘ shoes ‘Evangel‘ is also available in a leopard pattern, with a yellow rope and a red right. There is also, strap in blue, yellow frame, green heel and black soles.

Shoes from Jessica seems can be the choice for fashion lovers with a limited budget. If you can not buy shoes ‘Statarata’ from Louboutin which is worth U.S. $ 995, ‘Evangel’ could be an option because these shoes are only sold at a price of about U.S. $ 80.

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