Euro 2012 is Over, Fernando Torres Getting the Golden Boot


Spain national team striker, Fernando Torres has crowned as the top scorer at Euro 2012 after the final match against Italy, he scored one goal is to create a collection to three goals at Euro 2012.

There are five other players who have the same number of goals that are owned by Torres in 2012 euros, One of them is German striker Mario Gomez, who also has a record equal to Torres, the three goals and one assist, but because of the success of the Spanish team to win euro 2012 is a plus for Torres to get the Golden Boot.

Spain win Euro 2012 after beating the Italian national team by a score of 4-0. La Furia Roja’s first goal scored by David Silva in the 14th minute, then Jordi Alba in the 41st minute, Fernando Torres in the 84th minute and Juan Mata in the 88th minute.

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