Dr Scholls Shoes and Flip, Comfortable and Healthy


Dr scholl shoe manufacturer has not run out of ways to successfully target the market. in addition to designing a more attractive appearance, they also offer the advanced technology in the shoes of their products.

Dr scholles shoes are introduced eight advanced technology, like massage technology, gentle step, memory pillow, contoured footbed, orthopedic, toebar & metatarsal, the arts and support backguard. Christin then explain each one of these technologies. According to him, massage technology can be seen from the ridge-shaped spots or waves on the surface of the shoe base. His shoes are also equipped with specially designed cushions to prevent fatigue in the legs.

While the soft step technology made with two layers of layers that can provide comfort in every step, also let the pads can breathe. Another with cushion technology. According to Christine, the shoe is given bearings are made in accordance with the texture of the soles of the feet. “Pads made thick but soft to provide optimal comfort, so to run all day no problem,” he said again, contoured footbed technology created to support each of the muscles in the legs.

And for orthopedic technology, the shoes have characteristics that clearly is in the form of spots like thorns. It is said that these shoes can help improve blood circulation for those with neurological problems. “Toebar & metatarsal technology has special technology that stands out and is made in between the back foot with toes that serve to train the muscles of the calf. This shoe is antislip, which can grip when used for walking, “he explained.

For the next two technologies, arch support and bacguard, Christine said, each has distinct advantages. Arch support is made by the contour corresponding to the texture of the anatomy of the foot, so the body’s center of gravity is in the correct position. Finally, on the backguard has a buffer to protect the vulnerability of the foot at the heel when wearing high heels.

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