Converse Missoni, Converse Shoes Collection Spring 2012


Another new surprise from Converse! This time the canvas shoe brand that has been known since the 1950s, together with the famous Italian designer – Missoni, in designing the latest collection, called Converse Missoni.

Shoes Converse Missoni, recently launched this spring will be available in a choice of soft colors and more muted. However, it does not mean that these shoes do not have anything that can be highlighted. Indeed tribal pattern that can be found in the Converse shoes that became the main attraction. The unique pattern, deliberately chosen to show the identity of Missoni, who is known to play a pattern in his clothing collections.

The new spring collection of Converse shoe is available with three options and colors. That is, white, mint green, and navy blue. Converse shoes-white and mint green Missoni designed specifically for women. While the navy blue, comes to men. Three shoes are sold at a price of $ 200.00. And to get a limited collection of shoes Converse Missoni You can visit the Official Online Shop Converse Shoes.

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