Christian Louboutin Collection Shoe Exhibited in London


Beautiful shoe collection meets Design Museum in London, England, recently. Various collection of high heel shoe designs that are luxurious and exciting show of courage from the designer, who else if not a Christian Louboutin.

French shoe designer known for the design of the red-soled shoes and shiny displays his collection of hundreds of shoes for 20 years in the fashion world. This exhibition is a celebration of two decades of its existence in the world of fashion. This exhibition displays a collection of shoes Loubotin popular and much sought after, for example, pump shoes of yellow satin ribbon decorated with a fan at the front and back of the shoe or shoes mary jane with a sprinkling of crystals.

The exhibition also shows the high imagination or creativity from Louboutin to make shoes. For example, ballet shoes with crystal decoration with super high right made for English National Ballet.

Indeed, high heels are not always comfortable to wear. However, creativity and glamor of the shoe, making shoe designs Loubotin become one of the shoe of choice for the world’s top celebrities. For example, the British star, Gemma Arterton, singer and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, and German actress Diane Kruger. They are often seen wearing Louboutin shoes to complement their appearance on the red carpet.

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