Choice of Footwear for Cycling


One of the tools that should be used in cycling is footwear. Lots of options that we can use, but the most commonly used is a mountain sandals, sports shoes and shoe cleats. Not without reason this equipment must be used, other than foot comfort when riding a bicycle, safety is also a key point in cycling.

bike-cycle-sandalsMount Sandals : simple shapes and low prices. With an open design that makes the foot and toes seem pins. Feet guaranteed to be free from feeling stuffy because the very maximum airflow. But in terms of security valued less. With the open design of the contact between the foot with external objects is possible. Gravel or loose slippers that could cause injury. And in the case of incidents fall, feet can directly contact with the road. When cycling on a scorching day, the foot will be very hot so reducing cycling comfort.



Sneakers shoes / Sport shoes : Many sports shoes or sneakers with a variety of options outstanding. With the closed design of the fingertips to the heel of the foot makes more maximum security compared with mountain sandals. But for those who are familiar with the use of sandals will feel less comfortable using the shoe, enclosed design in the sole of the foot may be frustrating because of the lack of air flow inside the shoe. When using the shoe is recommended to use socks, in addition to preventing the possibility of blisters or irritation of the skin, it also protects the feet from the sweat that made shoes are not durable.


Cleat Shoes : Shoes of this type is equivalent to sneakers. The difference is there is a cleat on the shoe to lock the pedals so the shoes together with the pedal bike. The advantage of using these shoes is a consistent swing leg will be on the pedal so that the energy can be channeled more efficiently while pedaling. For those who are unfamiliar with the use of this shoe is very painful because we have to really focus on when and where we need to remove the shoe from the pedal lock. Do not forget how to unlock it so that when the bike stopped our feet are locked to the pedals that can cause us to fall.

The final choice is up to the user, there is no harm in using one of the above options. Use as needed. Do not let your comfort become more important than security, and vice versa. But both should be equally a priority.

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