Bulletproof Materials at the Nike Air Max + 2013


Sports equipment manufacturers, Nike, officially launched a shoe collection with the latest technology, the Nike Air Max + 2013. This shoe is made of Flywire dynamic that has a mix of materials for bullet proof vests (Kevlar).

Nike Air Max is one of the mainstays of Nike shoes since the 1980’s. Shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, takes the idea of “Like Running in the Air” which later became a symbol of the victory of the U.S. company to date.

A Nike official explained, the technology flyware dynamic in kevlar material was first applied to the Nike Air Max this year. Materials that will ensure the inside leg and footstool will remain secure while running. But, because this is not a shoe for the war, it is not entirely made of kevlar. Only in every part of the shoe eyelets. This material serves to embrace the foot while toning shoes when want to run.

Other technologies in this shoe is the Hyperfuse are applied in almost all parts of the shoe. The technology is claimed to make the Nike Air Max + 2013 to be soft shoes, lighter, and more relieved when used to run. Hyperfuse technology consists of three ingredients in the top of the shoe. The base layer uses shoe material with pores that are designed to provide ventilation and to strengthen the protective effect of the usual flexed of shoes.

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