Ankle Strap is Most Suitable for Long Legs


Heeled shoes with ropes that are wrapped around the ankle is sweet and perfect to lift your appearance. Whatever the shape of your foot, thick, thin, or even a wedge, can still be stylish.

These types of shoes to give effect to the foot of a ladder and look sexy. This makes the ankle strap is always exist in every season. In each of the fashion show every year, these shoes look comes accompanied with attractive clothing.

Initially, the design resembles a wrist strap laces which was created to help keep shoes on the feet remain static, so the wearer more comfortable. Usually in the ankle strap can be adjusted using a buckle to provide allowances flexibility.

Unfortunately, not all forms of leg can try this shoe has become a fashion icon in 1950. If the wrong choice, you can look strange appearance. Ankle strap is best suited to the owners of the long leg, because the rope is wrapped around the horizontal at the ankle can balance posture.

You are free to choose the type of chunky shoes, kitten, wedge, or a flat to attend a casual event. And a small heel for a party invitation. Simply take clutch with matching color to complement it.

This strappy shoes will work best for showing off your legs when you wear a mini dress or midi. For sparkling gown, just choose shoes made of suede, but if you want to further highlight the legs, choose a material that have the effect of glitter, metallic, or bright colors more eye catching.

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