Adidas makes shoes with logo of Facebook and Twitter?


If Facebook is rumored to be making a smartphone may be not surprising. Or when Twitter bought a site called, may also not be a surprise.

Two giant social networking site does have abundant funds to do or create something new. But what happens, if the Facebook and Twitter logo stuck to your shoe? One thing that may be surprising.

Actually, Facebook and Twitter do not sell shoes, but the famous sportswear company Adidas shoes that will create two products using Facebook and Twitter logo and color is the color that is identical to the two biggest social networking site. explained that the shoes that will be using the Facebook logo to be called Adidas Facebook Superstars, while those using Twitter logo was named Adidas Twitter Superstars. The design of both shoes were created by designer Gerry Mckay.

In this design, according, Mckay adopt all logos, text, and colors used Facebook and Twitter. Because it is still a concept, so, lover of Adidas products may still not be able to buy and use one or both shoes from Adidas that.

When unique shoes from Adidas will actually be launched? Together let’s wait. For those of you who are curious about the concept of Adidas shoes with Facebook and twitter logo please see the concept below.


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