Adidas adiZero Golf, Lightweight shoe from Adidas


This adiZero Golf, the type of shoe that weighs just 10.6 ounces and has several other advantages claimed was launched on 24 January. Shoes for golfers is touted as the most lightweight and designed for comfort and user satisfaction.

Seen design, these shoes have some advantages, such as, under the rubber that can withstand the weight of the wearer’s body in all areas and has a high degree of stability because it weighs only 10.6 ounces. In addition, the adiZero Golf is available with 4 colors.

Adidas adiZero Golf was launched at a press conference in San Diego, California, United States, Tuesday (22/1). This lightweight shoe can also produce effects glow of color when exposed to sunlight. In addition to launching adiZero Golf, adidas also launched a womens adizero and adizero sport is available with a choice of three colors.

The launching of the Adidas adiZero Golf held by done very interesting attraction. But the attraction is not done by humans, but with props that look like humans but can fly. Even more interesting, it also props applied shoes Adidas adiZero Golf on its legs. Amazingly “man” with the Adidas adiZero Golf can fly high. It proves how the latest shoe from Adidas is very light.

Intrigued by this new shoe from Adidas? but remember, the price is not cheap.

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