3 Most Dangerous Heels and Solutions


Unfavorable fate that ever happened to senior singer, Aretha Franklin. He accidentally stepped on his heel Jimmy Choo, and finally taken to the hospital with a broken leg. A similar incident occurred in player Kim Clijsters, who last April tissue torn ligaments in his ankle when he accidentally stepped on the feet of others by wearing high heels. As a result of the incident, she could not move his legs for a month.

Both events showed, high-heeled shoes can be very dangerous even when you are not wearing it. Some experts say about the shoes, there are three kinds of heels who noted a higher accident rate than other types. Here are three types of rights, and what a great choice if you are not wearing it.


Platform wedge
This thick sole shoes are popular now, but the kind of shoes that is quite dangerous because the width of the platform does not provide flexibility in the legs. The most frequent injuries experienced by the user causes the condition “ballet break“. “This is when you slip into the side of the foot, causing a stress fracture,” says Meghan Cleary, shoe expert shoeareyou.com.

Solution: Wedge Mini
To walk around the mall for a long time without getting tired, just choose a shoe with more support in the heel so you will not risk an ankle sprain. Choosing a lower heels will help to minimize the distance from the upright position of the foot when it falls.

Pencil heels
Christian Louboutin arguably one of the “provocateurs” for shoes with towering heels. Pencil heel is also one of them, and is very dangerous because people do not have the instincts of balance when standing in high heels, according to Dr. Rock Positano, Direktr Non-Surgical Foot Service at Hospital for Special Surgery. “In addition, the right of a very thin would urge Achilles tendon, causing problems in the legs, and the back and knees,” he said.

Solution: Just thick
A thick heel will not be so pressing on your toes, thus allowing more balance. If you still love Louboutin shoes, the French designer is also still provide other types.

The Heel is Higher Than 7.5 cm
The heel of the shoe on the 7.5 cm often cause injury, when used for dancing or walking for too long. The higher the heel, the balance is also getting less. When slipping, will lead to an ankle injury, cracked or torn connective tissue in the joints. In fact, there are people who have a fracture due to high heels. “The injuries are the most severe that I worked with a woman whose ankle and broke his leg in three different places after he danced in high heels” says Dr. Positano.

Solution: Flat shoes
Department store currently provide various models of trendy flat shoes. For the street, wearing this type of shoe. Type of ballet shoes are also easily folded and carried in a bag, so if when you wear high heels start to feel tired, you can replace it with a flat shoe. “There’s nothing wrong with wearing high heels, as long as you wear it with smart,” says Dr. Positano.

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