10 Unique Shoes in Fashion Show for Spring 2013 Collection


Event Fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris has revealed the latest trends, especially for shoes. Spring 2013 collection was dominated by designs shoes out of the box. As quoted from thefashionspot, Here are reviews of some of the shoes out of the box or unique shoes.

  • Toe shoes

Celine is famous for its stylish minimalist design, modern and far from funny. However, the presence of foot-shaped shoe provides a perspective that is more ‘relaxed‘ for fashion house fronted by Pheobe Philo’s. However, this shoe has received racist comments because shoes come only in white color only.

  • Fur Shoes ‘Elmo’

Not only creating a shoe-shaped feet or shoe like feet, Celine also launched a shoe that uses fur material on the entire surface of the shoe, the heel is no exception. The red color is selected in this shoe like the color as ‘Elmo‘, a character in a children’s show, Sesame Street.

  • Fur Shoes ‘Big Bird’

After ‘Elmo‘, Celine also presents the characters ‘Big Bird‘ furry boots that are also used in children show Sesame Street. Not like ‘Elmo‘ heels on the shoes ‘Big Bird‘ comes with a wooden stiletto models without wrapped with feathers.

  • Feathers Sandal ‘Cookie Monster’

Not satisfied with making pointy shoes made of fur, Celine also issued sandals at the top coated with a purplish blue faux fur. This color is also called similar to other characters from Sesame Street, The Cookie Monster.

  • The combination of Shoes and Sandals

Are you not able to determine to wear shoes or sandals that fit the style of your dress? So shoes from Prada can be a solution to this ‘combination of shoes and sandals’ . You will not be confused anymore.

  • Socks Shoes

Miuccia Prada seems so worried about practicality for users shoes. He also made a sock-like shoes. So you do not have to bother to wear socks.

  • Pink Socks Shoes

Prada not only design slipper socks on a hot thick platform. But it also presents shoes pink socks on the ankle strap and a high contrast monochrome palette.

  • Punk Boots Shoes

Vivienne Westwood is known as the ‘mother of punk‘. No wonder if he created the platform boots adorned with large print and full. To give the impression of punk, the shoe comes with five gold buckle.

  • Shoes with a Small Heel on Foot

Alexander McQueen launched a shoe that seems difficult to make walking. Shoes that intersect at the ankle comes with black mesh on the front of the shoe and a small heel of the foot

  • Shoes with Many Material

Givenchy shoes are not exactly known as footwear but more suitable to be regarded as works of art. Givenchy design uses a lot of materials ranging from leather, plastic wood, with metal.

That variety of unique shoes that appear in the collection of Spring Fashion Week 2013 some time ago. Which one do you think the most unique shoes?

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